Evaluation Results for Puberty: The Wonder Years 2010

Evaluation Outcomes

Research-Based and Evidence-Informed…

Puberty: The Wonder Years was developed to utilize characteristics of evidence-based sexuality education programs and incorporates best-practice strategies for developing positive health behaviors in young people. When selecting sexuality education curriculum, it is important to look for evidence of effectiveness.

Puberty: The Wonder Years 2010, the previous edition, has shown very positive evaluation results, including the following:

Sex Education in Elementary Schools: Gender Segregated or Coed?

I am often asked...

...if boys and girls should be separated for sex education, especially in the elementary grades. Pros and cons exist for either approach to sex education in the elementary grades.

#WhyCare -- Jun

While I was working with a group at one of the big ten universities, a grad student shared the story of her 20-year-old roommate Jun, who was also attending the university. Jun’s mother, who lives in China, had never told Jun anything about sex. One night, Jun was drinking alcohol with her then-boyfriend, and he raped her. She was devastated and didn't know what had happened to her. Fortunately, Jun did not get pregnant. The grad student decided that someone had to talk to Jun about how to keep herself safe, so she told her everything she knew about sex and safety.

#WhyCare -- Brian

While shopping recently, a young man named Brian helped me select my purchase. In the course of our conversation, I told him about the work I do. He lit up! Brian told me how important it was that I continue to improve sex education for young people in schools. Then, he shared his own story.

How Can We Remain Silent About Puberty? Part 2

Young people are being harmed:

  • Fewer than four in ten (38%) young teen mothers (age 18 and younger) graduate from high school by age 22.[1]
  • Nearly half (48%) of 7th to 12th graders have experienced sexual harassment in school. The large majority (87%) said the sexual harassment had a negative effect on them.[2]
  • Approximately one in three (32%) girls and one in seven (14%) boys are sexually abused by age 18.[3]
  • Dating violence occurs in four in ten teen couples.[4]


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